Why has the Clinical Teachers’ Association at the University of Manitoba (CTAM) been formed?

  • GFTs need a common voice
  • GFTs in Manitoba need representation
  • GFTs need academic rights and other rights protected
  • CTAM is filling a large gap in representation.

In order for GFT academic clinicians in the Faculty of Health Sciences to establish and protect conditions of work life that facilitate excellence in scholarly and clinical service, they need strong representation similar to what is enjoyed by other non-GFT university academic faculty. This representation needs to include a democratic structure, financial independence, exclusion of managerial personnel, and familiarity with fundamental work-life rights and protections in this setting.

Click here for an overview of the chronology of developments in recent years that contributed the to formation of CTAM.

What is CTAM and what is its Purpose?

CTAM is an association of GFT clinical faculty in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba holding appointments with both the university and the WRHA or other equivalent organizations. CTAM represents all GFTs (academic physicians, clinical psychologists). CTAM’s primary purpose is to promote GFTs’ welfare and advocate for terms and conditions of work life.
More specifically, the purposes of CTAM as delineated in the Constitution, are to:

  • promote the welfare of academic clinicians, who have clinical, teaching, research/scholarly, and/or administrative responsibilities with Geographical Full-Time [GFT] appointments;
  • advocate for terms and conditions of contracts or employment, including remuneration (excluding fee-for-service and related arrangements) and working conditions on behalf of clinicians;
  • protect and promote academic freedom while advancing teaching, scholarship, and research;
  • facilitate the exchange of ideas between CTAM and the broader university and medical communities, as well as with the general public; encourage co-operation with other academic staff of the University and other Medical Schools and Universities;
  • advance the interests of CTAM and its affiliates.

What is the relationship of CTAM with Other Existing Organizations?

Doctors Manitoba
Only those GFTs who are physicians are also members of Doctors Manitoba, thus Doctors Manitoba does not represent all the GFTs. Doctors Manitoba is the provincial medical association that represents the economic, health policy, and health promotion interests of all of the province’s physicians. About 20% of its members are GFT physicians at the University of Manitoba. Doctors Manitoba’s strength and speciality is negotiation of fee schedules with Manitoba Health that apply to physicians, including GFT physicians. They also negotiate various alternate funding plans in sections or departments on behalf of physicians groups, which can include GFT physicians.

University Medical Group (UMG)
All GFTs belong to the University Medical Group. The main focus of the UMG is to provide business management expertise, and to represent and advocate on behalf of GFT members for a range of general and special services, including GFT benefits and facilitation of human resources. Its Board of Directors includes membership of the heads of all clinical departments and departmental representatives. The focus of UMG is on benefits management and business matters that are important to GFTs, and this is a function that it performs very well.

University of Manitoba Faculty Association (UMFA)
UMFA is a union that represents most non-GFT faculty at The University of Manitoba. The GFTs have never been represented by UMFA as they have a different relationship structure with the university, in addition to a direct relationship and accountability with health care services such as through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.