Annual General Meeting of CTAM Monday May 29 at 5:30 PM, Theatre C, Basic Medical Sciences Building

Dear CTAM members,

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach quorum at the last CTAM meeting.

The meeting is called again for  May 29th at 17:30 in Theatre C.

The agenda remains the same.

Please try to attend and bring a friend!

Agenda of the Annual General Meeting of CTAM   (download pdf)

1. Call to order
2. Approval of the agenda.
3. Approval of the minutes of June 27, 2016.
4. Treasurers Report
5. Election of Executive Committee Members:


a. President: (S. Srinathan)
b. Treasurer: (E. Leung)
c. Member at Large: (Pam Holens)

Remaining for 2017-­‐2018 Term

a) Vice President
b) Secretary
c) Member at Large X 2

6. Update on CTAM Activities: Discussion led by the President
7. Discussion of Amended Constitution (download pdf here)
8. Other Business
9. Date of next meeting
10. Motion to dismiss the meeting.