14.1 The founding meeting of CTAM shall be initially chaired by an individual acceptable to the majority of those attending that meeting. The items of business for that first meeting shall be, in order:

1) Approval of the Constitution

2) Election of Executive Committee

3) Setting of Dues

14.2 Candidates for the first Executive Committee positions shall be nominated from the floor. The election process used at this meeting shall be consistent with Article 6.4. Those elected at this meeting shall assume office immediately upon their election and hold office until any successors are installed immediately following elections held at the next Annual General Meeting during the spring of 2012.

14.3 The initial terms of officers for the first Executive Committee will be the following:

1) President – 2 years
2) Vice-President – 1 year
3) Treasurer – 2 years
4) Secretary – 1 year
5) 2 Members-at-large – 2 years
6) 2 Members-at-large – 1 year

Ratified by CTAM Membership on June 21, 2011 Back