2.1 The purpose of CTAM is to:

1) promote the welfare of academic clinicians, who have clinical, teaching, research/scholarly, and/or administrative responsibilities with Geographical Full-Time [GFT] appointments, contracted with and/or employed at the Joint Operating Division (JOD) or any other institutions at which GFTs work – University of Manitoba and The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority shall be referred to as the “JOD;”

2) advocate for, and bargain collectively, terms and conditions of contracts or employment, including remuneration (excluding fee-for-service and related arrangements) and working conditions on behalf of clinicians at the JOD and other institutions;

3) protect and promote academic freedom while advancing teaching, scholarship, and research at the JOD and other institutions;

4) facilitate the exchange of ideas between CTAM and the broader university and medical communities, as well as with the general public;

5) encourage co-operation with other elements of the academic staff of this JOD as well as with the academic staff of other Medical Schools and Universities;

6) advance the interests of CTAM and its affiliates. Back