4.1 Full Membership in CTAM is open to all GFT academic physicians, GFT clinical psychologists, and other non-physician GFTs contracted with and/or employed by the JOD or other institutions and other such employees, or categories of employees, as may be invited to membership by action of the Membership. Department Heads, the Dean, Associate Deans, and Assistant Deans are excluded from membership while they serve in these administrative roles. The extension of membership shall require approval by 2/3 of the members voting at a duly advertised general meeting of CTAM.

4.2 Any academic clinician of the JOD or other institutions is eligible for membership in CTAM and shall be admitted to membership upon signing an application for membership.

4.3 Membership shall continue until a change of status results in ineligibility for membership in CTAM. Members on recognized leave from the JOD and other institutions are eligible to maintain their membership in CTAM during the period of leave.

4.5. Once an individual has signed a membership form, he/she shall not have to renew that form again, even if there is an interruption of her/his contracts. For purposes of representing a member in resolving a grievance matter arising from their contracts with and/or employment at the JOD, the CTAM shall continue to support said member until the matter is dropped by the member or resolved to CTAM’s satisfaction.

4.6. Any member may withdraw from membership upon written notice to the Secretary of CTAM. Back