7.1 The President shall:

1) preside at all meetings of CTAM and at meetings of the Executive Committee;

2) enforce CTAM’s Constitution and By-Laws, be responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of CTAM;

3) co-sign all cheques with the Treasurer and sign all contracts approved by the Executive Committee;

4) set the agenda for meetings of CTAM and Executive Committee;

5) represent CTAM in its dealings with affiliated organizations, or designate another to serve in this capacity;

6) be the official spokesperson of CTAM or designate another to serve in this capacity.

7.2 The Vice President shall:

1) perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or disability or refusal to
act. In cases of vacancy, the Vice President shall succeed to the office of
President until the election of a new President;

2) fulfill the duties assigned by either the President or the Executive Committee;

3) oversee the communications activities of CTAM.

7.3 The Treasurer shall:

1) be responsible for the care and custody of the funds and assets of CTAM according to accepted practice;
2) present an account of CTAM’s finances at each General Meeting;

3) maintain books of account and make these available for inspection to the members of CTAM on request;

4) arrange for audits of CTAM accounts, as necessary;

5) co-sign all cheques with the President.

7.4 The Secretary shall:

1) issue notices for meetings of CTAM and the Executive Committee;

2) maintain all records, documents and correspondence of CTAM;

3) keep the minutes of CTAM and Executive Committee meetings.

7.5 The Executive Committee shall:

1) administer the affairs of CTAM between general meetings of the membership;

2) make or cause to be made for CTAM, in its name, any kind of contract which CTAM may lawfully enter into;

3) determine the charge for, and appoint members to, the standing and ad hoc committees of CTAM;

4) develop general advocacy positions, and ensure that the membership is appropriately consulted and informed at all stages of consultation and/or negotiation with the JOD; Back